Department of Biosystems Engineering

Universitas Brawijaya

The Biosystems Engineering Department took an important step forward in 2021 by applying the international accreditation for 3 study programs. It will be beneficial for study programs to have international recognition. We are bringing together the academic disciplines to forge innovative new research and educational initiatives, while also building the networks needed to meet the needs of local and international communities. We continue to demonstrate our unique qualities by advancing research in our core disciplines, which include agricultural engineering and biosystem, environmental engineering, and bioprocess engineering.

Dr.Eng. Akhmad Adi Sulianto, STP., MT., M.Eng

Head of Department

Adi pas photo


Biosystems Engineering Department, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya, there are 4 study programs. 3 undergraduate programs, and 1 master program.

Undergraduate Program

Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering

Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering Study Program focuses on the application of production technology for the use of agricultural materials and products as well as natural energy with ..
Undergraduate Program

Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering Study Program is aimed at fulfilling the objectives, namely developing knowledge and educating students in science and technology ...
Undergraduate Program

Bioprocess Engineering

The Bioprocess Engineering Study Program is expected to become a center of study that excels in the fields of education, research and service based on Bioprocess Technology both in ...
Master Program

Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering

The Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering Masters Program is directed at developing the ability to multiply cognitive abilities based on combining ...


Biosystems Engineering Department, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya has 7 laboratories that are used for practical skills and research.